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Organizational Learning, Innovation and Development Faculty

Our faculty are a unique blend of researchers, educators and professionals who are proven experts in their fields.

Ahmed Al-Asfour, Associate Professor, Academic Advisor


  • Ed.D. University of Wyoming

Academic Advisor for Master’s Concentrations:

  • Human Resource Development
  • Workforce Training and Development


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Ahmed Al-Asfour

Phone: 618-453-3321
Office: Wham 222L

Lingguo Bu, Professor

Early Childhood, Elementary Education

Dr. Lingguo Bu's instructional interests are K-12 mathematics teaching and learning, and dynamic learning environments in school mathematics. Dr. Bu's research interests are mathematic cognition in dynamic learning environments, model-centered learning and instruction in school mathematics, number theory in school mathematics, and linguistic dimensions of mathematical cognition.

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Lingguo Bu

Wham 323L

Peter Fadde, Professor

Dr. Fadde studies expert learning and performance and has developed patent-pending computer applications for training expert perceptual skills in sports. His expertise-based training (XBT) approach, which adapts the laboratory methods of expertise researchers for training purposes, has been applied in fields ranging from sports to truck driving to classroom teaching. Dr. Fadde also conducts research on video in teacher education and blended online learning.

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Peter Fadde Wham Room 323J
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Yvonne Hunter-Johnson, Associate Professor, OLID Academic Advisor


Ph.D. University of South Florida, 2012

Area of Specialization

Adult Education and Learning, Human Resource Development, Teacher Education, Research and Evaluation. Research Interest Transfer of training, learning organizations, training and development (law enforcement and military), and motivation of adults to learn.

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Christian Sebastian Loh , Professor, Academic Advisor

Dr. Loh is Professor of Learning System Design & Technology and the Director of the Virtual Environment Lab – a research lab created through the Defense University Research Instrument Program (DURIP) grant by the Army Research Office (ARO). His research and professional interests include performance analytics for serious games and virtual reality, similarities in decision-making and performance of experts and novices, as well as analytics visualization.

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Christian Sebastian Loh

Wham 323F
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Casheena Stephens, Assistant Professor of Practice

Casheena Stephens Phone: 618-453-1972
Office: Wham 222Q

Lin Zhong, Assistant Professor

Ph.D. The University of Southern Mississippi, 2016


Instructional technology, instructional design, digital leadership, online learning, distance training, and personalized learning.

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Lin Zhong Phone: 618-453-1935
Office: Wham 222N