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Civil Engineering

SIU Civil Engineering Student works on homework

Looking to Advance Civilization? Civil Engineers are responsible for everything from the Pyramids to Modern Skyscrapers.

Civil and Environmental Engineering is a profession that is responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of the public. It is the oldest and the broadest field of engineering. Civil Engineers take pride in serving the public while also enjoying a good-paying career.

Whether it is building a small bridge, a road, a tall building, a low-cost housing unit, a water distribution system, a wastewater treatment plant, a dam, or even an international space station, Civil and Environmental Engineers have their hand in all these projects. Many Civil and Environmental Engineers adopt careers in the aerospace industry, IT industry, or even business, law, or medicine because engineering prepares them for critical thinking.

Bachelor's Program

Our program offers a comprehensive education in civil engineering fundamentals and specialized knowledge in environmental engineering. Throughout the program, students learn critical thinking skills, enabling them to break down complex problems into manageable components. They delve into fundamental engineering principles covering environmental, geotechnical, hydraulics, water resources, structural, and transportation engineering, alongside surveying techniques.

Students also gain expertise in designing structural elements, contamination remediation, wastewater treatment, water distribution systems, materials testing (asphalt, concrete, wood, steel), and foundation design. Additionally, they explore building codes, construction costs, and potential hazards, and utilize CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drawing) to prepare for a well-rounded career in civil and environmental engineering.

Master's Program

Our Master of Science (MS) in Civil Engineering and Master of Engineering (ME) in Civil Engineering programs offer an extensive and specialized graduate education in the field. With four diverse concentrations to choose from – Environmental, Water Resources, Geotechnical, and Structural – students can tailor their studies to match their career aspirations.

Whether enrolled as working professionals seeking career advancement or full-time students eager to delve into the subject, our program provides the essential skills and knowledge required in the civil engineering industry. The opportunity for hands-on field and lab-based research, coupled with instruction from distinguished faculty experts, ensures a well-rounded education.

PhD in Engineering Science

SIU offers a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Engineering Science. The objective of this program is to prepare highly qualified individuals for teaching and research positions in higher education, industry, government, and other organizations.

The Ph.D. program is supported by cutting-edge research projects conducted by nationally and internationally recognized engineering faculty members. The college has well-equipped laboratories and computer facilities that are housed in a modern Engineering Complex.


Our Civil Engineering program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET)