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You've probably visited an airport at some point. But did you ever wonder what it takes to run an airport? Airport managers and planners have an exciting and challenging job. Does the thought of designing a new airport interest you? Or ensuring that the existing airfield and facilities are safe and acceptable for operations?

Maybe you're fascinated by all the different parts that make up an aircraft. Aircraft product support specialists work in a variety of organizations throughout the aviation industry. Imagine yourself providing assistance and/or training to pilots, mechanics, and other aviation personnel utilizing your company's products.

Or maybe you want to know what it's like to be an air traffic controller. There's more to it than talking on the radio!

If any of these statements describe you, then you'll want to check out our aviation-specific minors. These areas of focused study allow you to gain a greater understanding of specific fields within aviation management and increase your versatility and marketability upon graduation.

Air Traffic Control Student

Air Traffic Control Minor

Air traffic control professionals may work in control towers, approach control facilities, and air route traffic control centers. They monitor and direct aircraft in the air and on the ground. Our air traffic control curriculum combines traditional classroom courses with ATC simulation sessions that provide a foundation for initial air traffic controller training. Flight students may take the courses for a better understanding of the air traffic control system.

Airport Management and Planning Minor

This minor prepares students for a career in airport management and/or airport planning. Airport managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of an airport and may specialize in a particular function at larger airports. Airport planners work to ensure safe and efficient airport facility layouts, for both new construction and expansion projects, while considering the impacts on the broader community. Graduates may pursue a variety of career paths, including working for airports, aviation planning firms, and government entities.

SIU Airport Management
SIU Airport Product Support

Aircraft Product Support Minor

This multi-disciplinary minor is offered by the Aviation Management and Aviation Technologies programs. Graduates with a minor in Aircraft Product Support can use backgrounds in aviation management, aviation flight, and aviation technologies to engage in services and activities to maintain and enhance the performance, reliability, and safety of an aircraft throughout its operational life. Aircraft product support is provided by the aircraft manufacturer or by third-party companies who offer a wide range of services including maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), technical support, spare parts management, warranty and service contracts, and other assistance essential to life-cycle support for aircraft, aircraft engines, and aircraft accessories and components.

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