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Specializations & Certifications

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Our Bachelor of Science degree offers specializations in Aircraft Maintenance, Aviation Electronics (Avionics), Helicopter Maintenance, and Aviation Maintenance Management. We also offer FAA certificate programs for the FAA Aircraft Mechanic certificate with Airframe and/or Powerplant ratings.

Aircraft Maintenance

students working on aircraft maintenanceThe Aircraft Maintenance specialization provides students the opportunity to advance their technical knowledge and skills in flight management systems, advanced composites, advanced propulsion systems, and supply chain logistics.

Aviation Electronics (Avionics)

students working on avionicsThe Aviation Electronics (Avionics) specialization provides students the opportunity to advance their technical knowledge and skills in analog and digital circuits, digital data, flight line maintenance, and troubleshooting skills in aviation electronics.

Helicopter Maintenance

helicopter labThe Helicopter Maintenance specialization provides students who have completed an FAA approved airframe and/or powerplant program with the opportunity to advance technical skills in helicopter theory, maintenance and overhaul, and inspection. SIU is the only school in the nation that offers Bell Helicopter-approved training as part of the helicopter maintenance specialization. Students will learn about aerodynamics, vibration monitoring, tracking, and balancing as they gain technical skills in helicopter theory, inspection, maintenance, and overhaul.

Aviation Maintenance Management

specialization-aviation-maintenance-management.jpgThe Aviation Maintenance Management specialization is an online degree completion program that allows professionals in the aviation and electronics industries to complete their bachelor’s degree while working full time. This program of study is suited to FAA-certified A&P mechanics and graduates of FAA Part 147 Aircraft Maintenance Technician Schools or other aviation-related associate degree programs.

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