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Christian Sebastian Loh

Christian Sebastian Loh , Professor, Academic Advisor

Dr. Loh is Professor of Learning System Design & Technology and the Director of the Virtual Environment Lab – a research lab created through the Defense University Research Instrument Program (DURIP) grant by the Army Research Office (ARO). His research and professional interests include performance analytics for serious games and virtual reality, similarities in decision-making and performance of experts and novices, as well as analytics visualization.

He has designed and developed serious games for research, Information Trails for telemetric performance measurement, Performance Tracing Report Assistant (PeTRA) for performance improvement via gameplay data visualization. He serves on the editorial boards of three peer-reviewed international journals. He is a Past President of the Multimedia Production Division (MPD) of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), and an academic judge for the annual Serious Games Showcase and Challenges sponsored by the Interservice/Industrial Training Simulation & Education Conference (I/ITSEC), which is the largest simulation conference in the world.

Christian Sebastian Loh

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Loh, C. S., Sheng, Y., & Ifenthaler, D. (Eds), 2015. Serious games analytics: Methodologies for performance measurement, assessment, and improvement. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.

Advisor for Master’s Concentrations:

  • Online Learning
  • Learning and Performance Technology