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Sangjin Jung

Sangjin Jung, Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Hanyang University, 2012

Dr. Sangjin Jung is an Assistant Professor in the School of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Materials Engineering. He has conducted research spanning the fields of additive manufacturing and product design. Prior to his current position, he was a Research Scientist in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, and he developed new computational design methods for metal additive manufacturing to optimize the consolidation of parts in an assembly system and redesign the system.

He also worked as a Senior Research Engineer in the Production Engineering Research Institute at LG Electronics. His research interests include metal additive manufacturing, design for additive manufacturing, and product design, and he has published over 30 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers in these research areas.


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea, 2012
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea, 2005
SIU Professor Sangjin Jung

Engineering E-107

Work Experience

  • Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Research Associate, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
  • Senior Research Engineer, Production Engineering Research Institute, LG Electronics, South Korea

Areas of Specialization and Interest

  • Metal Additive Manufacturing
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM)
  • Product Platform and Product Family Design
  • Product Architecture and Modularity
  • Design Optimization 

Selected Publications

  • S. Jung, R. E. Laureijs, C. Combemale, and K. S. Whitefoot, “Design for Nonassembly: Current Status and Future Directions.” Journal of Mechanical Design, 143(4), pp. 040801, 2021.
  • S. Jung, T. W. Simpson, and C. L. Bloebaum, “Value-Driven Design for Product Families: A New Approach for Estimating Value and a Novel Industry Case Study.” Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 63, pp. 2009-2033, 2021.
  • Z. Nie, S. Jung, L. Burak Kara, and K. S. Whitefoot, “Optimization of Part Consolidation for Minimum Production Costs and Time Using Additive Manufacturing.” Journal of Mechanical Design, 142(7), pp. 072001, 2020.
  • S. Jung, O. Asikoglu, and T. W. Simpson, “A Method to Evaluate Direct and Indirect Design Dependencies between Components in a Product Architecture.” Research in Engineering Design, 29(4), pp. 507-530, 2018.
  • S. Jung and T. W. Simpson, “New Modularity Indices for Modularity Assessment and Clustering of Product Architecture.” Journal of Engineering Design, 28(1), pp. 1-22, 2017.
  • S. Jung and T. W. Simpson, “An Integrated Approach to Product Family Redesign Using Commonality and Variety Metrics.” Research in Engineering Design, 27(4), pp. 391-412, 2016.
  • S. Jung and T. W. Simpson, “A Clustering Method Using New Modularity Indices and a Genetic Algorithm with Extended Chromosomes.” The Journal of Modern Project Management, 3(2), pp.38-45, 2015.