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SIU Anthropology Students at field camp

Anthropology is the study of what makes us human. We study diversity and differences — and what we humans have in common. Anthropology is a mixture of social studies and biological studies that give us a framework for studying earlier and ongoing developments of humankind — our cultures, material remains , how we communicate, how ideas and beliefs are formed, how we evolved, and human biosocial variation. In Anthropology, we examine where we’ve come from — the very beginnings of the species we are. And we investigate where we are.

Anthropology is the study of the human record. Past and present. Cultural, linguistic, archaeological, and biological. The human origins story. Urban legends and folk heroes to artifacts and bones. It’s all about understanding human variation and diversity. No matter when, where, or how it happens.

Bachelor's Program

We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology, and an Anthropology minor. We begin with foundation courses giving you experience in the four main divisions of Anthropology —sociocultural anthropology, linguistics, archaeology, and biological anthropology. This foundation makes it possible for you to take specialized courses early as an undergraduate — and gives you space to get on your way to practicing Anthropology.

Master's Program

We offer a Master of Arts in Anthropology with both a thesis and a non-thesis option. All graduate students begin with three core courses — including their chosen subfield. Anthropology is a hands-on major with many opportunities to get into the field. Current faculty research is as close as the Shawnee National Forest and as far away as Thailand and Egypt. You’ll love our supportive culture — and the encouragement to blaze your own research and academic path.

Doctorate Program

Our Ph.D. in Anthropology prepares you to take your place in academia at the highest level. We are flexible in our research tool requirements, which gives you the freedom to focus on your research area, and to gain the specific skills you need. Here you’ll find experienced faculty, innovative thinking, and a truly supportive environment that favors collaboration. We foster the kind of independent thinking that advances the field.