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Master's Degree Programs

SIU Student Vianey Sanchez

Our program offers MA degrees in literature and rhetoric and composition and an MFA in creative writing. Our literature faculty specialize in a range of historical periods and critical methodologies, including medieval and Renaissance literature, British literature (18th, 19th and 20th centuries), American literature (19th century and modern), literary theory, cultural studies, gender studies, writing studies. Our creative writing faculty work in literary fiction, genre fiction, poetry, and emergent forms of digital narrative.

Master of Arts

The Master of Arts degree in English introduces you to advanced teaching and scholarly research in literature and language. The MA is designed to broaden your intellectual interests and, thus, encourages you to explore a wide variety of literary periods and rhetorical issues.

Master Of Fine Arts

Craft. That’s why you pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing — you want time to devote to writing, and you want to become a master at it. SIU is a well-known and well-respected program. Our faculty are award-winning authors, our workshops are intensive, and our writing community is supportive and multi-faceted. This is where you can become the writer you want to be.

Digital Humanities Lab 

Our goal is to bridge the gap between traditional storytelling in books and periodicals, and storytelling in the 21st century. That means embracing technology. In this laboratory space, we challenge you to experiment, to stretch your understanding of the artistic uses of such technology as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and to incorporate other humanities disciplines into your understanding of writing and literature.

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