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The Southern Illinois University Aviation Flight program is proud to be accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International. As of February 22, 2019, the Aviation Flight Program is accredited through February 29, 2024. View our Student Achievement Data.

The Southern Illinois University Aviation Flight program is proud to be certified through the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) to operate our "Pilot School." View our Certificate.





The mission of SIU’s Aviation Flight Program is to provide comprehensive flight education to prepare professional pilots to meet the current and future demands of the aviation industry. The Aviation Flight program has two goals: 

  1. To produce graduates who are prepared to acquire entry-level pilot positions within the aviation industry.
  2. To provide graduates the opportunity to pursue the Restricted Airline Transport Pilot certificate.


The curriculum of the program is continuously updated to ensure that we meet these objectives. We expect that graduates of our program will 

  1. be able to apply relevant aeronautical knowledge and skills in planning and conducting safe flights as an instrument-rated Commercial Pilot.
  2. demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly.
  3. exercise effective aeronautical decision making while planning and conducting single pilot flight operations.
  4. demonstrate the ability to engage in team-based work activities involving multi-disciplinary and diverse groups.
  5. demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge of contemporary aviation issues to professional practice.
  6. recognize the need for and engage in life-long learning.
  7. possess either the multi-engine rating or the Flight Instructor Certificate.

Program Assessment Measures Employed

The Aviation Program employs a comprehensive and ongoing assessment plan in coordination with the Office of Assessment and Program Review in order to ensure compliance with accreditation standards. 

Course-level assessment reviews are conducted every semester through the use of course evaluations and any additional assessment measures implemented by the faculty teaching each course.

Program-level assessment reviews are conducted and formally reported on an annual basis by the Assessment Committee.

In-depth course reviews are conducted on a three to five-year cycle by faculty, the Assessment Coordinator, and the Assessment Committee. 

All of these reviews are part of the program's comprehensive assessment plan that incorporates feedback from students, faculty, industry advisory board members, and other stakeholders.


Companies, organizations, institutions, and others immediately hiring our recent graduates include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • US Air Force
  • Southern Illinois University
  • Envoy
  • Sonoma Jet Center
  • US Army
  • Rural King
  • Endeavor
  • Desert Jet
  • US Navy
  • United
  • SkyWest
  • Omni Air International
  • Surdex
  • Delta
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Keystone Aviation
  • Sandhills Aviation
  • ExpressJet
  • Air Wisconsin
  • Illinois Aviation Academy
  • Garmin
  • Synergy Flight Center
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