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Juhi Kidwai

Juhi Kidwai, Assistant Professor

Communication Disorders and Sciences

Juhi Kidwai is an Assistant Professor in the Communication Disorders and Sciences Program at Southern Illinois University. She earned her Ph.D. in Speech-Language Pathology in 2021 at the University of Kansas and continued with postdoctoral research at New York University before beginning at Southern Illinois University in 2023.

Dr. Kidwai's research focuses on the neurological mechanisms underlying speech and language production in individuals with stroke induced aphasia with a particular interest in using technological approaches for assessment and rehabilitation for this population. She is interested in studying the role of speech motor control through electroencephalography and reintegration of stroke affected neural areas with transcranial direct current stimulation. She is also interested in cross-context work in usage of augmentative and alternative communication approaches and general assessment and rehabilitation for aphasia. She is the director of the Aphasia Recovery with Technology Lab. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in speech-language pathology.

Juhi Kidwai

Office: Rehn 317